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24. März 2020

Due to the current situation (COVID-19) and the impossibility of
conducting laboratory studies it will be possible to temporarily use the
LABS system to conduct online studies and give credits as incentives.
However, besides the current requirements for study approval (e.g. study
summary for STEOP participants), there are some more criteria for online
studies below:

- Conducting online studies is possible only until we can conduct
laboratory studies again.
- Online studies are a temporary replacement for laboratory studies. It
is not a possibility to conduct online studies which would have not been
conducted in a laboratory setting otherwise.
- The approval request has to be made by a staff member of the
university. It is not possible for students to apply for online studies.
- The necessarity to conduct an online studie now has to be justified.
There have to be good reasons why it is not possible to wait until
laboratory studies can be conducted again.
- The number of online studies per researcher is limited. For example,
until the 13th of April only one study per researcher will be approved.
Even beyond that, the total number of credits/participants used by a
single researcher is recorded and additional studies might be not
approved if numbers are too high already. This should ensure a
distribution of ressources as fair as possible.
- The sample size has to be justified. Sample sizes greater 100 should
be avoided completely.

Please be also aware of the following:
Data quality of online studies is usually lower than in the laboratory
setting. In your own interest, you should wait until laboratory studies
are possible again. However, if this is indeed impossible, keep the
duration of the study short (not exeeding 30 minutes).

IMPORTANT: If you are conducting online studies in LABS, you have to
ensure that participants are forwared back to LABS after your study to
receive credits. Otherwise participants will not receive their credits!
Here you find help to set up things:
The imoprtant part is to use %SURVEY_CODE% as a URL parameter. This has
to be passed over in the survey link added in LABS and passed back by
your survey link to LABS at the end of the study.


13. November 2018

Altersbeschränkungen sind jetzt unabhängig vom Prescreening möglich:

Ab sofort kann das notwendige Alter von Versuchspersonen in der Study
Description festgelegt werden. Das setzten von 'Geburtsjahr' in den
Prescreen Restrictions ist somit nicht mehr notwendig. Diese Funktion
wird dennoch bis zum Ende des Sommersemesters 2019 weiterhin erhalten
bleiben. Derzeit aktive Studien werden dadurch nicht in Ihrer
Funktionalität beeinflusst.


26. Oktober 2018

ACHTUNG: Information zur Umstellung der LABS-Credits:

Mit Anfang Oktober 2018 (Zeitraum 6. bis 8. Oktober) werden die LABS-Credits umgestellt. Ein Credit wird zukünftig einem Zeitwert von 15 Minuten entsprechen (früher: 30 Minuten). Die Umstellung erfolgt Systemweit und betrifft alle vergangenen sowie zukünftigen Studien.

Durch die Anpassung vergangener Studien bleibt für Studierende der Zeitwert bisher erworbener LABS-Credits erhalten.