Veronika Jana Lubert (née Tief), BSc BA MSc

Applied Social Psychology and Consumer Research
Department of Psychology
University of Vienna
Universitätsstraße 7 (NIG)
A-1010 Vienna


Appointments only by arrangement


Since October 2019, I am a doctoral student supported by a uni:docs fellowship. In my dissertation project, I investigate psychological interventions to enhance performance under pressure in the performing arts. Aiming to transfer the knowledge from sport psychology into the fields of music, dance, and acting, I focus on interventions that have previously been shown to be beneficial for athletes. Specifically, I am interested in methods to prevent choking under pressure, such as pre-performance routines or goal-setting, and their underlying mechanisms in regard to attentional focus, state anxiety and self-efficacy.

Current Position

University Assistant (prae doc), University of Vienna, Austria


Since 2019     
Doctoral Studies, Psychology, University of Vienna, Austria 

2017 – 2019 
Master of Science, Psychology, University of Vienna, Austria

2012 – 2017 
Bachelor of Arts, Violin Performance, Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz, Austria

2012 – 2016 
Bachelor of Science, Psychology, University of Vienna, Austria


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Lubert, V. J., & Gröpel, P. (2022). Testing interventions for music performance under pressure: A randomized controlled study. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, 11(1), 93–105.

Tief, V. J., & Gröpel, P. (2021). Pre-performance routines for music students: An experimental pilot study. Psychology of Music, 49(5), 1261–1272.                 

Gröpel, P., & Tief, V. J. (2019). Nudging tools to promote physical activity at the workplace. In Österreichischer Betriebssport Verband (Ed.), Bewegung im Setting Arbeitswelt in einer sich wandelnden, modernen Gesellschaft (pp. 46-54). ÖBSV.